Rangitane Stream is a NEW project started in 2015 by the local residents and volunteers to plant trees and shurbs on a small council reserve to provide habitat and food for native birds and restore water quality.

FNDC has agreed to repair the stormwater channel which deposits large amounts of soil into the stream.

Rangitane Stream starts in the hills near Somerville Road and flows out to the northern side of Kerikeri Inlet near Rangitane. If you have ever driven along Purerua Road or Redcliffs Road you may have caught a glimpse of Rangitane Stream as you crossed the road bridge approaching Kapiro Road.

The first stage of the project is taking place in a small neglected council reserve, where volunteers noticed a problem with soil erosion.  Large amounts of soil sediment are deposited into Rangitane Stream from the crumbling banks of an open stormwater channel.  The reserve was also a source of many weeds, spreading tall gorse, tobacco weed, blackberries and other weeds to the stream banks and surrounding areas.  In response to a letter signed by local residents, the FNDC has kindly granted permission for volunteers to remove weeds and plant the reserve with native trees and shrubs to support native birds.  The council has also agreed to repair the crumbling stormwater channel.  

Next year the project plans to start working along the banks of Rangitane Stream, stage by stage. Living Waters would be pleased to hear from any landowners near Rangitane Stream who may be interested in working with us to restore this beautiful waterway. 
Contact: Melanie Miller via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.