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Living waters met in January at the Tangatapu wetland on Rawhiti Road to Liaise with QEII National Trust regarding an Open Space covenant in perpetuity for this important ecological site

Attending were Vic and Barbara Turner (land owners), John booth, Ruth Marsh, Bob Bingham, and Greg  Blunden Northland’s QEII representative.

The site has a gradation of ecological habitats from sheltered salt marsh, to freshwater wetland, regenerating forest and open ocean coast. The wetland is one of the most significant wetlands for the Regional Council in Northland. Greg believes it will be equally as important for QEII.

Discussions were held on the area to be fenced and planted. A walk was taken to examine the site and the full extent of the beauty and the importance of the project was appreciated.

The Open Space Covenant application will be lodged with QEII in May 2012. 

excellent view of wetland jan 2012